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What is
  GAMBY?What is GAMBY?

GAMBY is a built-it-yourself Arduino shield (expansion board) kit featuring an LCD, 4-way directional pad, buttons and speaker in a form factor reminiscent of several classic handheld video game consoles.

In short, GAMBY is Games for Arduino, Made By You!

Easy to BuildEasy to Build

GAMBY was designed to use primarily through-hole components. The only surface mount parts are optional and can even be added later.
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Open SourceOpen Source

GAMBY's design and software is Open Source. All of the code and design files are available free of charge. Create your own version of GAMBY or contribute to the main project.

Hackable and CustomizableHackable and Customizable

Does the standard GAMBY hardware not have a feature you want? Add it! GAMBY's board features dozens of solder pads and other features for modifying the hardware.

FeaturesHardware Features

Library FeaturesLibrary Features

The GAMBY library features three different modes:
Graphics Mode
Draw lines, shapes and sprites to the screen! Use line and fill patterns, irregularly-shaped bitmaps and more.
Block Mode
Draw to the screen as a 24x16 grid of blocks using a palette of 16 tiles, while using less memory than the full graphics mode! Write your own version of a certain famous Russian falling-block game, or even a tiny Rogue-like RPG!
Text Mode
Don't need fancy graphics? Display eight rows of up to 27 proportional characters and icons, with automatic scrolling and wrapping! The leanest of GAMBY's modes, you can even use it on an older ATmega168-based Arduino and still have ample memory left for your own code!

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